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Join the magical world of propogation with ‘the daddy’ of plant incubators!

Here it is, the Vitopod. This thing will seriously change your gardening life!…I’ve bought the ‘small’ version – and this still massive pretty big in terms of the amount you can germinate at anyone time. Recommend buying at least one extra ‘layer’, so that there is more ‘breathing space’ to let the thing cool down if it gets too hot, and more room to grow stuff. I’ve bought 2 extra layers – the 3rd storey will be useful for over-wintering anything delicate. Next step…growing all those seeds which say ‘keep at 20 degrees’…

Mushrooms Hunted in Fletcher Moss Park Didsbury

Last weekend we joined an excellent ‘hunt’ where our group found the following mushrooms, all identified, and the non-poisonous cooked up for munching on…

Scarletina polete, Honey Fungus, Poison Pie, Sulphurtuff, Scalyfoliota, Spherical Earth Balls (found by Andy), Ivy White Caps, Pleated Ink Cap/Japanese Parasol (found by Andy),Golden Folioter, Deceiver (found by Anna), Fairy Bonnet, Artists Bracket, Deadly Web Caps (destroy your liver), Grey Cord Fungus, Woodland Liver Gill, Wild Oyster Mushrooms, Turkey Tail (PSK – health giving cancer treatment), Chicken Mushroom, Blue Bracket and Sheafed Woodtuft!