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Iphone 5 Battery Replacement

1. Buy battery from a trusted retailer on Amazon (£10)

2.  Buy a kit from Amazon, or as long as you have some tiny Philips screwdrivers for the tiny screws then you ok

3. Most important in terms of 2. is to look for a good suction cup; but definitely much better is to use or borrow someone’s suction cup from a SatNav. This worked a real treat!


4. Use a YouTube clip to take you through, but bear in mind the taking the screen off bit is difficult, but very easy indeed if you use a SatNav suction cup. Also, patience with prizing off the battery. I actually found using a tiny flathead screwdriver better than those plastic things I got with a kit, which broke as too flimsy!

My New Alcatel 2010!

Another successful dodge from Smartphone stress.

I got this good functional mobile phone from Argos (£40). It can take anyone’s sim card and you are not tied up into any contract.

But the real secret to turning into a stree-free and welcoming device, was to find this excellent site for Vintage Phone Ringtones  at

If you plug the Alcatel 2010 into a pc or imac you can put it into ‘Mass USB mode’ and place music files directly into its memory so you can pick them up in the Profile settings for a new ring tone.


SuperSi Cocktail Recipe

Lots of Ice

1 x juice of 1 lime

1 x grenadine syrup by BOLS

1x blended pineapple juice (sifted from gunk) mixed with some Orange Juice

1 x grapefruit vodka from Poland

0.5 x Tequila

0.5 x Peach Liquor or Schnapps

1 x Mount Gay Silver Rum

splash of Angostura Bitters

splash of Jaegermeister Spice

Shake well together and serve without the ice and with glee!